Grow, Grow, Grow Your RoAS

When you're running Facebook ads, your comments section inevitably becomes a reviews section, as well as valuable social validation. If you've got haters ruining your first impression, your ads will have a tough time converting. Sour Grapes will prune the weeds and make sure your ads automatically perform better than if they had negative comments!

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How It Works

Sour Grapes utilizes sentiment analysis and your preset keywords to hide comments that mention anything out of line. All comments are scanned as they come in, and any meanies get instantly thrown into the meanie pile.

Your Automatic Bad Mouth Gatekeeper!

There’s no need for any manual labor. Set and forget - we’ve got your back!

Protect your brand with peace of mind

Sour Grapes watches your posts 24/7 - we're always on, so you don't have to be.
  • Comment Scanning
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Cutting Costs
  • Brand Reputation

Comment Scanning

Sour Grapes scans your comments and is always on the lookout for negativity.
  • Scans comments on ads and page posts
  • Always on - never miss a comment
  • Comments are scanned in real time
  • All automatic - no humans needed

Sentiment Analysis

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) we can analyze your comments and tell the sentiment.
  • Sentiment is analyzed in real time
  • Negative comments are hidden
  • Positive comments remain untouched
  • Easily "unhide" comments from the dashboard

Cutting Costs

Sour Grapes removes a huge component of the typical upkeep required of social media managers. Instead of needing a human being to constantly be alert for negative comments, Sour Grapes will do it for you!
  • Fully automatic
  • No need for staff to scan comments
  • Pay only for the comments scanned
  • Improve efficiency of Social Media Managers

Brand Reputation

There’s no impression like a good first impression. Unfortunately, one mean comment can sway how new potential customers view your entire brand.
  • Hide negative comments in real time
  • See the user that left the comment and the post
  • Works on ads
  • Keep your brand safe



Never Deal With Haters Again

Mean comments pose a risk to your brand. Nip the problem in the bud by automatically removing haters with Sour Grapes!

Let Sour Grapes deal with your haters. You need to focus on your fans.

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