How does Sour Grapes work, exactly?

Sour Grapes works by using Machine Learning to perform something known as a "sentiment analysis" for every comment. Think of this as a score that ranges from 0 to 1, with 0 being highly negative and 1 being highly positive.

We don't want to hide all comments with any negative aspect; sometimes they're useful for product feedback and other times, we want comment sections to feel organic. What we want to do, however, is ban comment trolls and people who have a highly negative opinion that would increase your CAC (customer acquisition cost). 

In order to accomplish this, we've scanned 100k+ comments from our users in order to create an appropriate cutoff score. We then auto-hide everything below this threshold.

Isn't doing this misleading?

No. To be clear, we strongly believe you should have a good product and consider all feedback--positive and negative--to deliver the best customer experience possible. What we want to do is prevent bad actors (such as trolls, competitors,  and extremely vocal customers who don't represent the average experience) from skyrocketing your CAC.

Consider that out of everyone who uses or purchases your product, the most likely person to leave a review or comment are those who have had a very negative experience. They're much more likely to be vocal than those who have had a positive experience. Sour Grapes simply evens the playing field.

How long does it take Sour Grapes to hide a negative comment?

A few seconds. Sour Grapes analyzes and hides comments nearly in real-time.

Do I have to do anything to monitor my comments?

No, we do all the work for you.

Can I still read negative comments?

Yes, you will be able to see all of your comments, including hidden ones.

Can I automatically flag a comment as negative or tell Sour Grapes which ones are positive?

You can use our "blacklist" feature to hide any comments containing certain words or our "whitelist" feature to include all comments that contain certain words.

Also you can manually flag individual comments as negative or positive in SourGrapes dashboard.

How many Facebook accounts can I add to SourGrapes?

You can add unlimitted amount of Facebook accounts.